Henry - My Chef Farm

September 6, 2021

One of Henry’s favorite sayings is Healthy Soil = Healthy Food = Healthy People! Henry is a childhood friend of Zoe’s and manages the My Chef farm as well as his own farm across the road. He’s passionate about producing nutrient-dense food and looking after the environment, so his four young boys can eat well and farm in productive soils when they grow up!

Traditionally wheat and canola country, in an effort to improve the soil health, Henry is transitioning to produce high quality regeneratively farmed lamb. He’s recently introduced a multi-species pasture to encourage plant and soil diversity and in time will introduce bees, cattle, pigs, chickens and a fruit and nut orchard as part of an agroforestry trial.

The My Chef Kitchen, where we cook and pack our range of healthy family, kids and individual convenient meals, is less than 15 minutes from the My Chef Farm and local meat processors. Enjoying food with low food miles is great for animal welfare and the environment.