Ben, Michaela and Daniel’s Story, Zecca Handmade Pasta

September 6, 2021

Husband and wife – Ben and Michaela – and best friend – Daniel run Zecca Handmade Pasta in Griffith, NSW.

We are fortunate to work with these guys as their commitment to such a high quality handmade pasta range and fierce pride of their Italian heritage is seriously next level…. just thinking about their pasta makes my taste buds dance...

If you haven’t already, pop into your nearest store, head to the chilled meals section and treat yourself to a My Chef Pappardelle with Beef Ragu. Within a month of the Pappardelle being stocked at Harris Farm Markets, we were asked to add five more My Chef X Zecca meals, so stay tuned. This expanded fresh pasta range is launching soon... (hopefully July 2021).  

Here’s the Zecca guys’ story! “The idea of Zecca was conceived after returning from an extensive food holiday to the motherland and the dream of opening an Italian eatery focused on the true regional food of Italy, which is so unfamiliar here in our hometown of Griffith, was born (no tourist Italian fare here at Zecca). The thought of not sharing this genuine gastronomy and culture seemed to be an opportunity lost if we didn’t pursue this, and what would be more fun than divulging our very own family traditions (annual salami and sauce day, seasonal preserving, card nights to name but a few) with a mutual love of food, coffee, culture and lingo!” If you love our Zecca X My Chef meals, take a drive through the Riverina Food Bowl and book yourself a table at Ben, Michaela and Daniel's restaurant in Griffith.