Kids Meals - COMING SOON!

Excited to announce our junior foodie meal range coming soon! 

The meal range for the kids that no longer put up with ads on standard TV channels, no. They only demand the latest Bluey on Netflix.

The meal range for kids that can sort their grandparent's iPhone issues.

The meal range for the kids that are registered for three team sports at age 4. 

The meal range for the 5yo's that pick up rubbish and can sort the recycling better than we can.

The meal range for our future gen.

The meal range for the kids that know what they like to eat.

Lucky we've made the recycled packaging educational...

With huge take up from our callout for junior foodies to taste our new range, we've been overwhelmed with support and feedback and so are very exciting to be bringing you a healthy range of kids meals very soon!

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