New National Meal Guidelines

While attending the NSW Meals On Wheels Conference, we were excited to be there for the launch of the National Meal Guidelines, a guide for service providers, caterers and health professionals providing home delivered and centre based meal programs for older Australians.

"Many of us have the luxury of easy access to the food we enjoy eating and that keeps us healthy. But there are others who, for whatever reason - illness, isolation, bereavement, disability or a myriad of things that can befall any of us in life – need a bit of help with that. Meals on Wheels has provided a friendly face at the door and a regular chat with a welcome meal, often being the highlight of the day, to millions of people in Australia over the past 60 plus years. …MOW and these new guidelines help bring all that to people needing a bit of extra help to remain in their own homes and communities, so they get the best chance possible to enjoy that independence, freedom and comfort they so richly deserve." 
 - Ngaire Hobbins, Dietitian APD, BSc., Dip. Nutrition and Diet, University of Wollongong

At My Chef we share a passion for the importance of nutrition for older Australians and a commitment to providing nutritionally balanced meals, free from artificial additives and preservatives. We were thrilled to see our meals already fit within so many of these guidelines and we look forward to continuing to work with Meals on Wheels groups across Australia to deliver high quality nutritious meals.

"When Meals on Wheels first started it was considered a radical preventative health service. Our members have long understood that a meal is an experience and that good food and nutrition are at the heart of what we do. The societal swing back to using fresh seasonal produce, less reliance on convenience products, and the culinary influence of our multi-cultural society are reflected in our recipes and menus. These innovative National Meal Guidelines are an extension of our contemporary outlook. Choice, variety and flexibility are now customer expectations. These principles are embedded in this document and are underpinned by the latest nutritional science and academic research."
 - Nelson Mathews, President, Australian Meals on Wheels Association

The report is worth a read - check it out: View the National Meal Guidelines



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