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1kg BBQ Pulled Pork


Slow cooked pulled pork (cooked overnight!) with a traditional Texan BBQ sauce. Another crowd pleaser, we have a number of friends who order 2-3 of these 1kg slow cooked BBQ pulled pork at a time. Great for entertaining, heat in the microwave, stovetop or even on the BBQ, serve with a crispy slaw on fresh rolls. Also great for quick and easy weekday dinners served on tacos, with a salad or cut carrot and cucumber slices and use it to make rice paper rolls. So many options...

Nutrition information

Sugar (Kj)
Protein (G)
Fat total (G)
- Saturated (G)
Carbohydrates (G)
- Sugars (G)
Dietary Fibre (G)
Sodium (MG)
Calcium (MG)



  • “blown away by the taste and quality. What's more, I've often struggled with buying meals that are overpackaged in plastic trays etc, and your packaging was just perfect with minimum waste.”

    Jeff, Harris Farm Randwick
    “Both of us working full time with a young family, having 3 of these meals in our freezer per week has been a lifesaver!!!
    Healthy, tasty, easy. Thank you.”

    Sarah, Tumut NSW
  • "by far the best frozen meal I have ever had. Much as I am impressed with your food, I am equally impressed with the packaging and the ability to recycle it all. I also love the fact that it is prepared locally from all Australian ingredients. One other thing, I am a pensioner and the size and cost of the meal was exactly right. Very good value."

    Sue, Albury
    “A big thank you to MyChef Cuisine for helping us cater Dad’s birthday. The slow cooked pulled pork was delicious and still so juicy even after reheating. Being frozen made it super easy for transport and it couldn’t have been easier.”

    O’Hare Family, Canberra ACT
  • “Your meal was so delicious and in cardboard which ticks another of my ethical boxes. I had the Indian vegetable curry and really enjoyed it. Thank you for making such an excellent vegetarian frozen dinner. I’ll be back at IGA next week to find some more.”

    Robyn, Canberra ACT
    Super delicious! The best fresh meals by far. I’ve had a veggie curry which was delicious. But so far the super yummy BBQ Pulled Pork & Potato Bake is my fav. Looking forward to trying more selections in the future. Well done!

    Trisha, NSW
  • I am getting your terrific meals and am very satisfied and a very happy old man.

    John, Central Coast
    “These meals are awesome. I think they’re going to save me finding a wife.”

    Eligible Bachelor, NSW
  • “My Chef Lasagna was a hit at our house this weekend. 10/10 - never change the recipe unless you think you can reach a 12/10”

    Matt, Wagga Wagga NSW
    “Thanks again for your great food, also catering to dietary requirements too means a bunch.”

    Amber, NSW